FIX: Deleted Timer Job - User Profile Incremental Synchronization

by Marco Rietveld 19. maart 2014 15:12

When trying to stop a user profile import (it had the status stopping for a few hours) the User Profile Incremental Synchronization job was mistakenly deleted. (Don’t ask how)
During the search for a solution how to get the timer job recreated SharePoint came up with a solution on its own. There is a health rule to check if the User Profile timer jobs are available and not been mistakenly deleted. This job runs hourly and because the timer job was deleted it displayed a notification in Central Admin


Clicking on “View these issues” displays a detailed notification.


The secret to the solution showed up when clicking on the link of the health notification.


Some health analyzer rules have an option called “Repair Automatically”. Clicking the “Repair Automatically” button will recreate the deleted timer job.


To be sure if the job was recreated check the job definitions under Monitoring and the User Profile Incremental Synchronization job should be there.

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